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Hunting is our pastime. Hunting silently is the future. At Red Dog Supply we want to help you enjoy the perfect hunt without the ringing.

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Barrel threading

Whether your firearm needs a silencer, brake, or other muzzle device, our threads are spot on…


Your firearm need professional attention?  Zero, parts, cleaning, customization?  Custom ammo?

Pistol classes

Our NRA and military certified firearms instructor can help you become proficient with your firearms.

Concealed Carry Class

We offer concealed carry classes for our state.


Looking for Live Scan / Harvester Fingerprinting for Arkansas?

custom ammunition

We are a type 06 ammunition manufacturer as well providing tailored ammo to your needs. Light recoil? subsonic?

machinist work

We have a mill and lathe in shop which are capable of non gunsmith services as well! Manual only, no CNC.

Get A Free Consultation & Estimate

Looking for a specific item? Not sure what item you want? On a budget? Need help choosing the right item for your kids? We can help! Send us a message about what you are looking for and we will reply with a free estimate.

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Deal of the month

Through out the month we will have special deals. These deals could be on rifles, shotguns, pistols, silencers etc. Don’t miss out!

Take a look at our Red Dog Supply, LLC | Facebook page to keep updated on specials, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept transfers?

Yes, we accept transfers through coordination only. Please submit a request so that we can follow up with you before you transfer items to us.

Submit a request on the “Have a different qustion?” form. 

Please let us know in the message what Federal Firearms License -FFL (name and email) and item you are transferring.

Do silencers make my guns shoot weak?

The silencer only controls the noise at muzzle regarding  escaping gas pressures and velocities.  If you shoot subsonic ammo for quietness, the weaker ammunition makes the firearm shoot “weaker” not the silencer.  The power levels of your firearm are totally dependent on barrel length and ammunition fired in it. Only noise levels are controlled by the silencer.

How long do Form 4's take?

While we cannot control the ATF, we can insure you have a smooth process in submitting your paperwork in a timely fashion.

As of December 2021, the ATF is accepting eForm 4s. These are electronic form 4’s and are taking much less time than paper submissions.

How do I create an eForms account?

To get your ATF User ID and PIN, go to and create an account.

What all happens with a submission of eForm 4?

Submitting an eForm 4 is all done in one visit to the shop.

On your visit we will take your electronic fingerprints, photo, trust (if using one) and  go to to create and submit your eForm 4.

Things you will need to bring to the shop are:

Your drivers license

Your signed and notarized trust

Your ATF eForms User ID, PIN, and your email that you use to create your account.


Have a differint Question?

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