Need a Your Barrel Threaded?

Barrel threading

Need your barrel threaded with perfect muzzle alignment?

Barrel threading


About Our Barrel Threading

We can rebarrel, rechamber and repair your firearms!

Need your muzzle threaded? We can handle that for you with perfect muzzle alignment using our fixtures and indicators/range rods.

What does that mean for you? No baffle strikes here folks!


Muzzle Breaks

Other Muzzle Devices


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you thread my deer rifle?

Yes! Most deer rifles can be threaded. In fact, a lot of manufacturers are starting to include this on their barrels from the factory. Send us an email below with your manufacturer, model, and caliber size and we will let you know for sure.

What about pistols?

Yes! A threaded pistol with a silencer is of upmost fun! Just like rifles, many manufactures are including pistol barrels already threaded from the factory. Send us an email below if you’d like to get you pistol threaded or look for one already threaded. We can help!

How much does it cost?

Now that’s a tricky question. Every gunsmith is different. We here in the south might cost less than our gunsmith buddies up north. Send us an email with your manufacturer, model, and caliber size. That will give us a better idea of cost.

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